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December 30

My First Winter

Nanning, 28 December 2009
Its getting colder here,,,day by day….
Winter is definitely on the way..

In spite of being here, studying Chinese in China, doesn’t make me feel like an outstanding person, but I feel more lonely than ever. En..what I am trying to say is just i feel bloody homesick, bloody miss my mum, dad, sister and brother, also my grandfa. Moreover now they have a week vacation in Bali island, and again..without my presence..so miserable….. :)

Anyway lets talk bout winter. Well, what will comes up in your mind after hear the word ‘winter’? Obviously, its extremely cold. But, you’ll change you’re mind after living in a country who has 4 season, like here, China. Well, lets see, what people think here, esp. girls when the winter comes, foremost is having stunning and gorgeous look in winter outfits. Time to Fashion! :)!Yeah, coz in winter you can wear many things not like in summer, you can mix and match some of outfits, hat, jumper, jacket, boot, sweater, and many thing you can put on your body,,hehe..Everyone looks fashionable and dashing!!

Me either,,
If you were a friend of mine, maybe its quite hard to believe this fact,,that I attempt to be more fashionable..
Yeah,,no surprise actually. But I just wanna try something new here, by following the winter fashion. Moreover, i spend most of my downtime to have shopping or just window shopping in downtown. Jeez..!! Bu ke si yi,,unimaginable for a girl like me! LOL :)

But everythin always change, now this is the new intan, who looks more stunning, gorgeous, incredible, and foremost Ingenious! with my new outfits of course,, :)..I’m not boasting, though,,,haha
Just attempt to have new outlook and image,hehe. I’ve bought some big jacket which I bound to buy so badly from long time ago, that was a jacket like detective kogoro mori in conan series!!hahaha….

Well,overall,,just ask you one question,,
Do you like my new style?
And obviously you’ll answer ‘YES’ i reckon,, :)

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