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December 30


Cultural Shock
30 Agustus 2009

Nanning, People Republic of China

Well, this is the place that I’m going to stay for one year. Hmmm…No idea how to express my feeling. For the first, it seems like awesome, gakuii..sughooiii..live in abroad and to study there. But, after I arrived here and see in front of my eyes how was the situation here..owww..feels that I always wanna go home. Well, so many unpleasant thing here. And I dont like it coz its tottally different with my lovely hometown. So many cultural shock that I got here..hmm maybe those who has gone to Indonesia found it also but I don’t think is as bad as I am..

Ichiban mewa..about my religion and how to get pray
Kyo wa, I stay in an expert building, its fasility is similar with a hotel star 3. Not so bad, I have a refrig, AC, heater, TV, and a large room. for myself..but unfortunately I can’t stay here for one year. I have to move to another building which is called students dormitory or asrama. i have seen yesterday how it is like..and you know how could I describe the room??its like a house of garbage..4 until 6 students stay in one room. its terribly dirty!! weks..and of course it will be a very noisy..and also totally messy…!!oh my gosshhh…

No Bed.Just kloso. No pillow..oh my dear..how could I live in such a terrible room??

No place to sholat. This is the worst..Am I should sholat and meet my GOD in my bed??nani mo arimasen

No one wear a veil here, so can you imagine that everypeople looking at you, thinking that you were weird, wearing long skirt and veil on this badly hot day..thats strange,,,

Halal food..I’ll wait for halal canteen to be opened and I can eat halal food there..Jadi sejak 2 hari yang lalu, makan nasi baru sekali tok pas ditempatnya ana.

Lack of Money..This is the most terrible thing. I think I could earn money here by teaching Indonesian in some classes. But Pak Gunawan said that I have to focus on studying mandarin not to teach. How could it be, I just bring a few money..hufff…But I believe that there would be a way. I believe that Allah would help me to solve this problem.

Language..Baka jana??I really don’t have any interest to learn mandarin…I just want to learn Japanese since a long time ago.But, I have to manage this. LEarning Mandarin is not that bad..Ganbatte ne!!

Feels like Fasting in a Hell..
You really don’t have any idea nor imagination in your head how was the situasion..Fasting here, with no rice to Sahur nor proper food to eat..and badly hot weather,,and the things here is that no one is fasting. Everypeople drink ice, eat lots of food, buy icecream, fruits,hmmm…totemo ganbatte..prihatin ya nduk..semakin banyak godaannya berarti semakin besar pahala yang kan kau dapat.Cayo kamu bisa!!Ya Allah kuatkanlah hati hambamu ini, berikanlah hamba kekuatan untuk beribadah padamu tanpa terpengaruh oleh makanan dan minuman itu..amieenn..

No internet..no facebookk…hyaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrggggggggg- gggggggghhhhhhh1@@&^%$&&^&^%%^$^$%##^%%&(^&%$###@$- #!!!^$$@#@#!#!
can do nothing without these thing. huff..Bakalan menghilang selama setahun nih dari dunia maya..sebenarnya ga terlalu signifikan banget sih efeknya kalo ga bisa fesbukan. Malah banyak good things yang bakal aku dapet. Ga ada lagi namanya buang2 waktu hanya untuk baca status fb orang yang sama sekali ga penting dan bring no benefits. Mending belajar or nonton nodame,,,hyakkkakakkakkakk..tapi harus tetep diusahakan bisa akses internet. Semangat!!

hmmm..baru 2 hari disini dah ngeluh macem2, inilah itulah. Nyadar ga sih, kondisimu sekarang tu jauuuuhhh lebih baik daripada temen2mu diluar sana,.. Nah ini kamu cuma disuruh belajar doank..apa susahnya coba. Kalupun ada beberapa kebiasaan yang berbeda,,cobalah untuk menyesuaikan diri dan beradaptasi. Aku yakin You’ll find a way to solve your problem if you try!!

So, when you read this, you already get accustom with those cultural shock. And you already bersyukur for all the things that you’ve got now.
Ganbattteee nee??!!

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  1. By Sepatu Perawat on

    Harus Kuat dalam belajar karena klw belajar udah malas maka ingat nanti ketika sudah tua umur nya akan sulit untuk masuk pelajaran jadi jangan sia siakan waktu kamu di dunia ini. nice kak

  2. By Ihsan Magazine on

    i have seen yesterday how it is like..and you know how could I describe the room??its like a house of garbage..4


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